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sportcurve uses state of the art artificial intelligence system


SportCurve is an online Player Performance and Wellness aid. Based on training sessions and daily check-ins, SportCurve can highlight Player trends to relevant stakeholders such as the Coach, Physio and Manager.

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Injury Reduction Curve

The Injury Reduction Curve allows physios to capture data using SportCurve's SOAP notes and SportCurve's Screening applications. A physio can then send timely detailed training plans to the coach and manager so that the players wellness is protected. Players Wellness is also reported to the physio through our Injury Reduction Charts.

sportcurve and micro management

Stats Manager Curve

The Stats Manager Curve allow members to compare their training against others in the system. The points leaderboard encourages continual involvement and competition.

sportcurve uses state of the art artificial intelligence system

Shadow Curve

Shadow Curve provides AI & Big Data Analysis to allow SportCurve to help assist with the players performance and wellness.

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Capture your Wellness and Performance through our Daily Check-in and Post Training Applications. Compare your training against your peers while allowing full visibility of your progress.

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Create Training Sessions and send to the team members. Reuse and refine your training session to create a unique and fun training environment where Wellness and Performance are enhanced. Use our build in Reporting functionality to track and to identify members Wellness and Performance.

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Get a holistic view of your team. Monitor performance, wellness and receive up to date and receive relevant information on player availability and progress.

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Monitor the wellness of members within your teams. Record and report injuries occurrence. Improve the plan to recover from injury quicker through our physio plan expert functionality.


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